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Interview with Jimena Y.

1. Could you give us a brief synopsis of “Roma Enamorada”?

There are princesses who decide to believe. Incurable pragmatists and empowered duchesses at chess.

Troubadours who do not understand love, watercolorists with dilemmas and stress. Italian pianists with the soul for rent.

Rome is how you see it.

2. What was your inspiration behind writing this book?

Human experience at its finest. In my life, the people who have impacted me, along with their ideas and thoughts. I firmly believe that people change the hearts of others.

3. What were some obstacles you faced while you were in the process of writing “Roma Enamorada”?

I think the most difficult thing for me was practicing persistence. Knowing how to finish a project and not leave it halfway is something that costs time, work, and dedication. In the beginning, when the idea arises, the scenario is warm and hopeful. But the process is difficult because it requires perseverance.

4. Will there be a sequel?

Yes! And that makes me very happy. Two weeks ago I began to write the sequel, and so far it is a very enriching experience. It is very different, but I hope it retains the essence of Roma Enamorada.

5. Did you create the cover for “Roma Enamorada”? If you did, what type of art medium did you use, and is that your favorite type of art medium?

Yes, I did it. I used a canvas and my usual paints. Watercolors and acrylics. It is my favorite medium, and it is the one I have used since I was very little, when I began to paint.

6. What impact do you hope to make with your book?

I hope that the message reaches my readers. I want to contribute through creation, a portrait of the experience that moves and produces analysis and reflection in people. I hope that my book raises doubts, influences questions, and promotes free interpretation.

Jimena Yengle


“¿Sabes por qué las golondrinas anidan en los aleros de las casas? Es para escuchar cuentos.” - Peter Pan

Sitio Oficial romaenamorada.com

Instagram: @jimenaramos_y

Facebook: @Jimena Ramos Yengle

You Tube: Jimena Yengle

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